20 Things University of Ibadan Students Can Relate With


This post is about 20 relatable things for students of the University of Ibadan.

1. When you are at the gate and you hear “Kuti, Bello, Sik”


To pronounce “Zik” na issue for those cab drivers

2. When you are staging a small protest and you hear “Abefele”


Nobody wan face SDC abeg

3. When your G.P remains 0.1 to enter 6.0 or 4.6

University of Ibadan GP
It must enter by force

4. Whenever CHE157 result is released


All those 100 level big boys go come humble

5. When you manage to score 43/100 in mathematical analysis


That “prove that 1+1=2” nonsense course

6. When you realise your Student Union Facebook
is dominated by people that graduated 4-5 years ago


You people should leave us alone na

7. When you are passing through Zik-Tech road (aka Zik Westside)

Especially when rain just fall finish

8. You at Jaja.
Doctor: How are you feeling?
You: I have headac…..

Na malaria e dey always be

9. How people beg you for WiFi password


Abeg, e get one assignment like that wey I wan do.

10. A typical conversation in UI

Unibadan greetings

If you are reading this post, Na you o


11. When it’s election time and someone that never talks to you starts to greet you like “Good evening my brother”

Na now when you wan contest for house secretary you just dey see me?

12. How the photocopy people mob you when you go to SUB with a folder in your hand


They don’t even care what’s inside the folder, you must make photocopy

13 When the Hall Weeks start

Infinix Phones Price

Best time in school tbh

14. How people show up at Indy and Zik Halls’ Ewa Night


How this food wan take go round like this

15. How KDL looks like at the beginning of the semester

Who get time for Kenneth Dike

16. How KDL looks like  during exam periods

The fear of tsunami is the beginning of TDB

17. When you see someone toasting a girl at KDL


Na the book wey you come read be that abi

18. When you are going through the book of life and you’re seeing people with 0.5,0.6… GP


How come, you no go class at all?

19. When Tsunami carries your Girlfriend


It can pain

20. When someone tries to tell you their school is better than the University of Ibadan


UI: First and the best.