Reactions Across The Country as MMM Nigeria Feeezes Members Accounts


When Feyine saw this on MMM Nigeria’s website

We decided to send our reporters across the country to try and capture people’s feelings as a result of this action taken by MMM.

They were able to find out about:

1. Seyi, a 45 years old man from Ibadan, who pledged his house rent to MMM.


2. Emeka, a 20 years old guy from Imo who just gained admission to the University of Ibadan, but pledged his acceptance fee to MMM


3. Tunde sold his taxi for 350,000 naira, but instead of buying another taxi, he decided to do MMM with the money before buying a new one.


4. Cynthia used their wedding savings her fiancé kept with her for MMM


5. Mr John, a Retiree who used his 1.5 million gratuity to play MMM


6. Moses collected a loan from First Bank and used it to play MMM


7. Rasaq, a labourer who thought MMM will finally help him stop carrying blocks at building sites


8. Mr Dopemu, a lecturer at Mapoly who collected 20,000 naira from a lady to enable her pass his exam instead of asking her for sweet sex….he decided to play MMM with the money…


9. Malik, who resigned at his workplace to concentrate on MMM


10. Meanwhile, people that never did MMM were like

MMM -> Moku Mogbe Modaran