10 lies Nigerian Market Women and Traders Tell


These are the 10 lies told by Nigerian market women and traders every Nigerian can relate With.

1. Customer, Customer


No be my first time for your shop be this?

2. I no get change o


When you are ready, you will open your purse and give me my 950 naira change.

3. Na the Last Price be that

Last price Na 2,000 naira, but na 700 naira I go still buy am.

4. Na the same price wey I buy am I dey sell am to you

Oshey, Good Samaritan

5. Somebody just buy am now for 5,000 naira


How person go buy this small yam for 5,000 naira


6. Na the original be this, that other one no be original like that

That one mean sey everything there na fake

7. I no get am, but this one better pass am

iTel better pass iPhone?

8. No be me o, Na so we see am

Na dollar abi?

9. Na new one o, in fact Na today I buy am

Something wey I see for your shop when I Waka pass last month.

10. When you try to return a faulty product you bought from them 30 Minutes ago


My brother, I no remember o