10 Things You Can Relate With If Your Wife Beats You


10 things you can relate with if your wife has turned you to a punching bag
1. How you sleep at night


One eye open, one eye closed

2. When you are coming back from work and you are about to enter the house

work enter house

Shey I will not go and book a hotel room like this

3. When she hits you so hard but man must not cry


Laughing out the pain

4. When she asks you for money


Go and convert all those blows and slaps to money

5. When your co-workers ask how you got the injury on your head


I fall one kain fall

6. When she tears you slap infront of your children

someone cannot play

You no even fit wait make the children sleep

7. Your children be like


Jesus !

8. How you leave the house when you notice your wife is becoming angry


I never ready to chop beating today

9. When you are considering going to report her at a police station


How I wan talk am sef

10. How the policemen laugh at you when you are reporting her at the station

obama laughing

On a more serious note. According to recent British Crime Survey statistics, a third of domestic violence victims are male.