Hilarious Story About The Day A Snake Entered Our House


I can remember the day a snake entered our house, we were at home having fun when all of a sudden, my younger brother shouted from the Store “Ejoooooooo”(Snake).

Everybody at home when we heard “snake”

My younger brother has a tiny voice , that made his “Ejooooooo” scream very very scary.

Within 3 seconds, everybody inside the house was outside, I was the second person to get outside, Na my cousin wey get malaria first tear race reach outside.

As I see am outside, I was shocked, because the last time I went to the room, he was on the bed shaking.

I was like “guy, you don reach outside”
He answered me “Na-a-a-a S-o-o-o-o o-o-o” , his voice was shaking as he was answering me, the malaria still dey him body.

I was like, guy that’s dangerous, don’t you know you can worsen your condition with that run, abi Na fly you even fly, cos me no understand o.

He said, wetin wan happen….last last, my malaria go worsen and if it’s not treated properly, I’ll die in about two weeks time, but if that snake catch me for bed, Na today I go die.

As I turned my neck, I see my mum dey pant for one corner like

Mummy mummy, you sef run commot, I thought you said you really love the movie you were watching on Africa Magic.

She was like nkàn se é (Something dey worry you) , Sha enter the house and go and bring my slippers for me inside my room, apparently as she ran outside, she forgot to wear her slippers(Can you really blame her?)

I was like “mummy, Make i enter the house ?…I no fit o, the honor your father and mother wey Bible talk about, no be for snake matter o”

She smile small con dial my dad number for her phone

Mum: Hello dear, there is a snake in the house o, when are you coming home, we need you to come and kill it.

As my dad hear snake, wetin we hear for phone Na

“I no fit come home today, i dey Abuja”

Mom: Buy you never said you’ll go to Abuja when you left in the morning

My dad was like

Hilarious snake funny
On thing happened, then another thing happened, then another thing happened, in short, I am in Abuja now.

*Cuts call*

My mom faced me, well, you have to be a man and kill it,
I was like
Lagos Nigeria house Hilarious funny snake

Man for where, I be boy o.

But after some time, I was even starting to gather courage to go in and kill the snake then I asked my younger brother to describe how the snake looked, he was like
snake Nigeria funny

Haaaaaaaaa… Na so all the small courage wey I manage build just disappear like that.


The wise thing to do was to go and call the Alagbara adugbo(Powerfully powerful members of the community)

We were able to see four of them, they entered the house and searched for like 30 minutes, the snake was no where to be found, when they were about to leave , they saw the snake, as they tried to kill it, it escaped, they spent the next 25 minutes looking for it again.

The time was almost 8pm, so they said they will be leaving to continue the search the following morning,

We were like
Hilarious snake house Lagos

Edakun, Please, don’t go

But it was like they already made up their mind to leave , one of them even said “Just enter your room, lock the door and sleep….you go lock the snake outside your room like that, nothing to worry about till you wake up”

I was like

Hilarious snake funny Nigeria house
What if Na inside your room the snake dey, and you con lock door, lock yourself inside room with the snake”.

They left us alone, around 11pm, we had to go inside as we no go sleep outside.

Na like this we enter house that night
We no wan provoke the snake with the noise of our footsteps.

Everybody Waka go their room quietly,

I entered my room and was like

As I reached my room, I sharply removed my phone’s battery….so that it wouldn’t mistakenly ring, although I already switched it off…but who knows what these Tecno phones are capable of ?

And the problem with snake entering your house is you can’t really hide, if a robber enters your house, you can hide under the bed, if a kidnapper enters your house, you can hide under the bed, if you are doing something with your maid and your wife enters the house, the two of you can hide under the bed.

If a wild dog enters your house, you can hide under the bed, but if a snake enters your house…you con go hide under bed, that one no be even hiding.

Na like sey you just dey tell the snake “Na me wey you dey look for be this o”

Around 11:50pm, Na in NEPA carry light.

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Because I can’t scream out loud, make the snake no go hear.

My brothers and sisters, if you have been trying to imagine how the end of the world feels like….. that’s exactly how it feels like.

Any small sound like this, even if Na cockroach, I don start to confess my sins like “Father, I know I already confessed like 70 times this night, but if there is any sin left, kindly forgive me”

From night to morning, na like this I be

I no blink my eyes once.

As 5’o clock reach like this , I quietly ran outside, as I reach outside, I met my sick cousin there again, I was like “Guy, you don reach here this early morning”

He was like “Na-a-a-a S-o-o-o-o o-o-o”

When it was around 7am, we went to call our Alagbara adugbos to come and resume the search for the snake,

They searched for almost 2 hours all to no avail.
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Up till now, we still don’t know what happened to the snake, whether it died, crawled out or still inside the house.

But na from that day we don stop my younger brother from going to the store, who knows what he’ll see next time.