16 Things You Can Relate With If You Have Ever Tried To Be A Web Developer


1. When you see a web developer job vacancy with a salary of 300,000 naira


Hmmm, this is interesting

2. Then you start to consider changing your career path

Puzzled business man thinking

How much do they even pay me here sef

3. You finally decide to be a developer, so you hit up Google like


You will probably be told to start with PHP

4. When you download a PHP tutorial and you find out the book has 1,457 pages


Do you people want to kill me

5. But you are determined to be a developer, not even 1,457 pages can stop you


Aluta Continua

6. When you are solving all the exercises at the beginning of the book easily


Rockstar developer things

7. When you get to chapter five


Like, what’s the meaning of this ( $ls_level_code = (isset($cpav[‘level’])) ‘class=”‘.$cpav[‘level’].'”‘: null; ) ??

8. So you close the book and download 7 more books and 20 YouTube tutorials and still don’t understand


It’s like the more you read, the harder it becomes

9. When you get so confused and start to doubt your intelligence


Maybe I am just dull

10. When you decide to switch to front end development and JavaScript starts dealing with you


JavaScript is the real devil.

11. So you run back to PHP like


Spending more time with JavaScript can result in a breakdown

12. When you start hearing about how PHP frameworks make web development easier


I can see light at the end of the tunnel

13. Then you download code igniter, cake PHP, yii, laravel, symfony….study them thoroughly and still don’t know anything


It’s like this developer something is not meant for me

14. So, you give up and go back to being a biology teacher


Never give up

15. When you see someone talking about programming being easy


Keep deceiving yourself, oniranu somebody

16. When you come across a very good web developer


Being a very good developer no be beans