13 Natural Foods You Can Prepare For Your Baby


1. Natural Yoghurt

How to Prepare It

Tigernuts(100naira)+dates powder.
Put tigernut in a blender
Add dates and water, then blend to smooth.
Pour the blended tigernuts in a sieve
After sieving put the chaff back to the blender and repeat process.
Do the final sieving, then pour in a bottle and chill it. (Can add coconut too)


2. Carrot Pap

How to Prepare It

Pap+carrot+dates powder+milk.
Wash,peel and cut carrots into small sizes,
Put in a blender and blend to smooth.
Put water on fire
Make a paste with your pap flour in a small pot
Once the water starts to boil, pour in the water into the paste and stir continuously until it thickens.
Take back on fire in low heat,
Add the blended carrot and dates powder
Let it cook for 1-2min
Add milk and serve.


3. Eastern Rice plantain pottage

How to Prepare It

Half a medium sized unripe plantain (diced into small cubes)
Rice 2 teaspoons
Dried fish 1/2 teaspoon
Dried crayfish 1/2 teaspoon
Palm oil 1 tablespoon
200ml water

Add water into a clean saucepan and pour in your diced unripe plantain
Allow to cook well and soften (5 minutes should be good)
careful not to burn, add more water, just enough to cover plantain and prevent burning
Next, measure rice into a small clean bowl, add clean water and stir gently
Rice chaff should rise to the surface, then pour out the water on top of the rice and repeat once more to clean the rice.
(If chaff still remains, do not worry, it is good fiber for your baby’s digestive tract)
Add cleaned rice to the boiled plantain, next add fish (choose either fish or crayfish for a 7 month old, not both), crayfish and palm-oil.
Stir all together and allow to cook for 3-5 mins
Add 100ml or more water if rice gets too thick.


4. Semolina baby cereal

How to Prepare It

3 teaspoons Fine Semolina
80ml Water
80ml 100% Apple Juice or puree / Banana puree
A little Breast Milk or Yogurt (optional, yogurt is fine from 9 months)
Simply combine all ingredients in a small pot and simmer, uncovered, for 2 minutes or until it thickens.
Serve warm or stir in a little breast milk, if desired, or yogurt for older babies.

5. Irish potatoes meal

How to Prepare It


Irish potatoes, grinded crayfish, egg, a spoon red oil, a pinch of salt.

Peel the Irish potatoes, dice n wash Into a pot. Add a pinch of salt( use tip of baby spoon) and cook till d potatoes is soft .Remove from fire and mash it to paste n return to fire. Add the grounded crayfish, grounded pepper, red oil and Cook. Break d raw egg in a bowl n whisk together. Pour d whisked egg into d pot n mash all together. Remove from fire n serve warm.


6. Homemade Tofu (Soyabeans cheese)

How to Prepare It

Pick your soyabeans wash it and soak in cold water over night then in the morning wash and blend no need to remove the skin. 1cup of soaked beans to 1 cup of water.

Pour in a pot and put it on gas to boil, but make sure you are stirring it continuously once it starts to boil, because it foams due to the fact that the shaft is yet to be sieved.
Then allow to cook till you start having a pleasant smell of the milk,bring down from heat and pour in a cheese cloth to extract the milk, once done, pour the milk into another pot and boil on low heat for like 20mins or you can taste the milk to see if it’s not tasting raw, then get your pap water mix with a little water, if it’s too concentrated then divide the pap water into 3 portions. You need just a cup of pap water. pour the 1st one into the pap gradually and be turning it .
You would start seeing it form, separate then pour the 2nd pap water and leave for a while, by then the cheese should have separated from d milk, bring down from heat and pour the last pap water, cover and let it rest for a while, then set your tofu mould in the sink, lay your cheese cloth inside and start packing the formed cheese or you just pour it directly into the tofu mould. allow the water to drain completely then get a bowl put some water in it and remove your tofu from the cloth and put it the water. This last stage only makes it to form well and not to pieces .

Leave for 10mins in the water. You have to put it in a bowl and cover the tofu with water and always change the water daily

7. Carrot pudding

How to Prepare It

Measurement for 1 year up toddler.
1 cooking spoon Grated carrots
1 tablespoon Butter
2 tablespoons Full cream milk powder
Sugar, honey or date syrup. I used a little sugar. To sweeten is optional!
1/2 teaspoon Cardamom or Cinnamon powder
100mls Water
In a pan, add butter and sugar. Melt on low heat. Dilute milk powder with water and add to the butter. Allow to boil until it thickens a bit. Add grated carrots, cardamom or cinnamon and mix. Cook until carrot is soft. Serve warm.


8. Over Night Oats

How to Prepare It


Ingredients for 6 month olds
1/3 cup of Oats
4 tbsps of pureed banana/fruit of choice
1/3 cup BM/Formula
Pinch of cinnamon

Ingredients for 9 month olds
1/3 cup of Oats
3 tbsps of pureed banana/fruit of choice
3 tsps BM/Formula
1/3 cup Yogurt – for 9 month olds
Pinch of cinnamon

You’ll need a small bowl that closes well.
Mix all ingredients into the bowl and stir well
Refrigerate for at least 8 hours.
In the morning, bring out oats and heat up oats in the microwave or in a pot of boiling water as it may be too cold for your child.
Check that food isn’t too hot before serving your baby.

9. Banana Oat Pudding

How to Prepare It

Blend quaker oat with a dry mill, put desired quantity (2tbs) in water inside put and mix.
It should be watery. Allow to soak for like 2minutes then cook till it thickens n starts to draw.
If too thick add little water. In a plate Mash / blend banana add formula and soya bean milk then add the cooked oat stir n serve.

You can add groundnut butter to the oat before cooking.

10. Sweet Rice Pudding

How to Prepare It

1. 1 cup of rice
2. 2 Apples (Any fruit or fruit puree can be used e.g banana, avocado)
3. 1 cup Full cream milk or formula (Babies can eat cow’s milk that has been cooked)
4. 2 cups of water
5. A dash of cinnamon
6. Few drops vanilla essence
Pour water in a pot.
Allow to heat up a bit.
Add rice into the lukewarm water stirring continously to avoid lumps.
Add milk and diced/pureed apples
Allow to cook while stirring occasionally
Add more water if it gets too thick
Allow to cook
When rice is cooked, add cinnamon and vanilla essence.
Stir and heat for a minute.
Serve warm!


11. Cashew nut meal

How to Prepare It

Ground rice+Cashew nut flour+coconut powder+milk.
Put water in a pot on fire, wash the quantity of rice you want. Once the water starts to boil, pour the washed rice and stir continuously until it starts to thicken.
While the rice is still on fire add the cashew nuts and coconut powder, cook again for a while and bring your meal down.
Serve with milk.


12. Beetroot meal

How to Prepare It

Sweet Potato
Titus Fish
Boil till super tender and blend.
Spend less on formula
NB: drain the initial water and blend with freshly boiled water


13. Apple Sauce

How to Prepare It

Peel d back of ur apples,remove d seed,cut into cubes and put into a pot, add small water and boil for a few mins till soft, blend smoothly and serve chilled.