12 Things You Can Relate With If You Visit Banks in Nigeria


1. When the door refuses to open for you and the security man tells you to remove your belt


So, I should use hand to hold/carry my trousers?

2. When someone comes out from the door and you are able to get in before the door closes


Best feeling ever

3. When you enter the bank and you are hit with body odours


Eastern, western and northern body odours combined together, it’s not a small something

4. How people beg for biros inside the bank


Eskis sir, can I use your biro

5. When you are filling your deposit slip and the guy beside you doesn’t know “Today’s date”


Even me that you want to copy, I don’t know Today’s date

6. How the cashier looks at your face when you are trying to cash a cheque


One eye on your I.D card, one eye on your face

7. When the cashier counts the money you are about to deposit and it’s not complete


Especially when it’s not your money

8. When you see someone bringing money to the bank with bagco bags


Baba God, Pick Up

9. How banks look like at the beginning of the month when salaries were just paid


The body odours will now overpower all the ACs in the bank

10. When you see someone filling 2,000 naira in his withdrawal slip


Oya, why you no use ATM

11. When you still can’t remember which slip to drop at the bank after depositing money


Is it the green one or pink one?

12. When you are about to leave and the security man at the gate starts hailing you.


Lol, keep hailing, 1 naira..you no go see