12 Reasons Why Buhari Can’t Die Yet


We have been hearing rumors about president buhari dying in London.

Below are 12 reasons why he can’t die yet.

1. One dollar is yet to be equal to 1 naira

one dollar is approaching 500 naira sef

2. Primary school students nationwide are yet to be served free meals daily in school

even free water, dem never see

3. The poor are yet to start receiving their 5,000 naira monthly allowance

that 5,000 naira is audio, we hear about it, but we no dey see it.

4. We are yet to see the creation of 720,000 jobs yearly

what we are seeing is loss of jobs daily, weekly and yearly

5. Unemployed discharged Corp members are yet to start receiving allowances

their bank account still dry like sahara desert

6. Fuel price is yet to reduce to 45 naira/litre

if you pour 45 naira fuel inside your generator, just start the generator, the fuel don finish.

7. Education is yet to be free at all levels

if you don’t have money, just go and learn bricklaying

8. Boko Haram is yet to be defeated

bombs still dey explode in Maiduguri

9. Our refineries are yet to be revived

the refineries still dey produce their usual NotEnough barrels/day

10. Government officials are yet to be banned from seeking medical care abroad

Buhari that is in London for checkup no be government official?

11. We are yet to see a functional airport in all the states in Nigeria

since 2015, till 2017…I have never seen a functional airport in my state… Brothers have you seen?

12. We are yet to have uninterrupted power supply in Nigeria

even this post, na generator we use type am.

If president buhari thinks he can escape fulfilling these promises by dying……#Kolewerk