10 Things You Can Relate With If You Stay in Ibadan


1. When you eat Amala Skye Bank for the first time


– best Amala in the world

2. When you are abused by an Ibadan woman


– it can pain, Ibadan women Sabi yab person die

3. When Voices by Edmund Obillo comes on air(Splash FM)


– nobody dey like carryover this show

4. Ibadan drivers and reckless driving


– they will be driving as if their brain is inside the boot of their car

5. How most event venues look like


-especially when the ticket is not free, Ibadan people too like free shows.

6. Ibadan girls favorite lie -> “I am a student of UI”


– Student of UI, department of Biography.

7. When you travel to Lagos and you are stuck in traffic for 6 hours


– Wetin carry me come here sef

8. When a bodija market woman tells you a yam is 2,000 naira because you dressed corporate to the market.


– I look like mumu to you ?

9. You waiting to feel the impact of Ajimobi’s government


You go wait tire

10. When people that stay outside Ibadan start yabbing Ibadan/Ibadan people


– If you don’t defend Ibadan, who will.