10 Pictures that proves Dangote has two heads


This post is basically a reply to Adekunle Gold’s Pick Up song, where he kept talking about Dangote not having two heads.

Below are Ten Pictures that proves Dangote has two heads or more.

1. Dangote’s Uncle borrowed him 500,000 naira in 1977


How many of you have Uncles that can borrow you 500,000 naira in 2016, talk less of 1977, when 500,000 naira be like 100,000,000 naira.

2. Peter Okoye with Dangote vs Peter Okoye with a guy with one head


See as our world famous Peter Okoye of Psquare sit down like Cynthia beside Dangote.

3. Just take a look at Dangote’s Kitchen


If you are reading this, this kitchen is finer than you.

4. Dangote With Governor Ambode


Dangote was with the Governor of Lagos State, and na the Governor dey excited.

5. Dangote collects loan of $3.3 billion from 12 banks


Have you ever tried collecting a loan of 40,000 naira from Ecobank?


6. Dangote bags two doctorate degrees(from Coventry University and University of Ibadan) in a week


I don dey University of Ibadan for almost 8 years, I still never collect one doctorate degree

7. Dangote on Forbes’ homepage


Out of about 1 billion people in Africa, na this guy carry first….and you’re saying he doesn’t have two heads.

8. Dangote inside his Private Jet


Only Dangote fit sit down inside $7.5 million dollars like it’s nothing.

9. Dangote drinking Juice in his Yacht


You think it’s easy to drink Juice for this recession, he’s not only drinking Juice, he’s drinking it inside a yacht….2 heads somebody?

10. Dangote and Basket Mouth


Na only Dangote fit dey with comedian, and na the comedian dey laugh.